Vrat (Fast) special food

Vrat or Fast is having an important Role.It is done by people who is having faith that a fast is accompanied by their prayers for good health and wealth of their family members. In India people keeps Nine days fast in Navratri,it is celebrated in Gujrat ,in Kolkata,in Asaam and other different cities with a diversity in celebration.In Gujraat daandiya is celebrated in these 9 … Continue reading Vrat (Fast) special food

Learning Shapes with playing

A child early years are the best time, when you can start to teach him different things while playing, like different colors,shapes,numbers and letters. Every child loves to play and we also enjoy while playing with them. Each child is different in some ways,everyone differs in the level of understanding,everyone likes some sort of games,some like puzzles,some like clay,some like wooden toys etc.But everyone likes … Continue reading Learning Shapes with playing